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RE: Multicast over VPN tunnels? [7:94263] posted 10/30/2004
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Multicast is encapsulated in GRE/IPsec with a unicast destination address
when using DMVPN.

If you *really* want multicast over multicast tunneling then you might like
to find a service provider that supports draft-rosen-vpn-mcast
( over
their MPLS VPN backbone. This mechanism is known as multicast VPN (MVPN) on
Cisco boxes, and allows customer multicast traffic to be encapsulated in
multicast GRE packets sent to all Provider Edge (PE) routers in a customer
multicast domain (or only those PE routers that have attached receivers for
a particular multicast group when using a data multicast distribution tree

Hope that helps!


CCIE#6280 / CCSI#21051 / etc.


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