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Re: New 2800 routers [7:93523] posted 10/04/2004
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Thomas N wrote:
> The new 2800 series routers can now support up to 384MB of memory.  I am
> wondering if anyone use these series to run full BGP routing yet?  Per my
> previous posts, it seems BGP is only memory intensive, not CPU intensive.
> Anyone experience problem with 2800s running full BGP?  Thanks in advance!

I did some basic checks (i.e. full 143k table load from quagga peer),
with 2851 equipped with 256MB of RAM.

It works OK, but BGP *is* CPU intensive - every 60 seconds BGP scanner
has to walk thru the table, which produces spikes even on 7206/NPE-G1.
It may be not noticeable if everything works smoothly, but when the
trouble happens, Your router will go CPU-crazy ;)

But, of course, if You're planning to run BGP but the only option
is something ftom the 2600/2800 line, I would go for 2800.

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