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Re: Getting an IOS From CCO via FTP [7:93153] posted 09/22/2004
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>>> John Neiberger 9/22/04 9:26:05 AM >>>
>I'm trying to download an IOS image from CCO directly to a router and I'm
>not having any success. I know I was able to do this a couple of years ago
>and I seem to remember discover some 'trick' to it but I don't remember
>it was. Are any of you aware of any tips to remember when trying to get
>an IOS from CCO? Remember, this is directly to a router using 'copy
>flash:', not using FTP to get an image to my desktop or something like

Ah, I think I know what the problem is. In the past year or so, Sprint has
stopped advertising our interconnecting links via BGP, so routers on the
Internet would have no idea how to get back to my router. Darn it. I'm going
to have to come up with another plan.


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