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RE: Local Policy Routing [7:93069] posted 09/20/2004
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Can you provide the applicable routes from the routing tables of Routers A &
B? How about the config on RouterA for the local policy routing?
Without trying this in a lab my guess is: 
Ip local policy route-map OUT_E1
Route-map OUT_E1
Match ip address 101
Set ip next-hop (either E0 or the ip address of the ISPs router.)
access-list 101 permit any
My assumption being the above will only apply to traffic generated by
RouterA. Please reply to the list with your results.

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From: Thomas N [mailto:nthomas@xxxxxxxxx] 
Sent: Monday, September 20, 2004 2:29 PM
To: cisco@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Local Policy Routing [7:93069]

Hi All - I am trying to configure "local policy routing" on my VPN routers
but couldn't get it to work.  Here is the scenario I had setup in the lab:

RouterB-E0----LAN-----E0-RouterA-E1----- Internet

On RouterA, there is NO static default route pointing to interface
E1.  RouterA learned the default route from RouterB via E0, which
is redistributed into EIGRP.  On RouterA, I'd like to have any
traffic/request to Internet devices (digital certificate server, etc)
originates from RouterA itself (NOT hosts behind it) routed directly to the
Internet via E1 interface, regardless of the / 0 learned from EIGRP
via E0.  Please help!  Thanks!!!


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