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RE: Network rack [7:92764] posted 09/14/2004
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I suppose you are referring to a two post telco rack aka relay rack as
opposed to a rack (cabinet). A two post rack still is impressive in size.
Several suggestions: (a) Buy a telco rack and cut it down to a reasonable
size. As soon as you do that you will determine that you really needed the
extra height. Chatsworth sells a wheel set for their racks. (b) Check out
music stores / web sites for musician's equipment racks. Think of small
cabinets with casters. Check the GroupStudy archives for posts. I recall
several posts with vendors names and prices. They seemed quite reasonable.
The cabinets can be easily moved. I would suggest buying rack mounting ears.
They are cheap. They keep everything in place.
Here's some cuts from old posts:
ATA flight cases.
Its just a small 8U that they charge 14.95 for. They work great.
I use these guys for ATA cases and racks. Buying a
good rackmount or Anvil case is like money in the bank.
thanks to all, got it ordered and on the way.  i ended up getting it from and it was 20 + 5 shipping.

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This question is probably not in the right place but I know that plenty of
you have built your own rack. I'm in two minds right now and thinking
whether i should buy a full fleged rack or just a shelving unit. I plan to
purchase about 10 routers in the next 2 months.

A lot of times, the routers don't come with the mounting kits and i am not
going to spend extra buying these mounting kits. In this case, the shelving
unit would suit better since if i only had the rack, i would also have to
buy additional shelves which would further cost more. Another point in case
is that I rent an apartment and when moving, etc a rack wouldn't be able to
be disassembled like a shelving unit probably can. A shelving unit also has
tires at the bottom so it can be moved from one room to the other.

Any suggestions or any good links anybody ??

Thank you in advance.

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