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RE: Failed RS lab [7:92677] posted 09/10/2004
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At 2:57 PM +0000 9/10/04, Kaminski, Shawn G wrote:
>Welcome to the Cisco Cash Cow! Boy, do I have a rotten attitude, or what?
>:-) Just having some fun! Did anyone notice that there's always a thread of
>truth in these smart-a** comments, however?!
>Shawn K.

While Nortel had its problems [1], it did do some good advertising. 
Admittedly, it was always a mystery to its engineers why it wanted to 
know "What do you want the Internet to be", since, as far as we could 
tell, top management thought IP was a passing fad, there was one 
great commercial where a very proper Englishman said "a cash cow", 
and the point of view changed to a cow, covered in dollar signs, 
lounging on an elegant couch.

[1] My team in the research lab came up with a massively scalable approach
     to certain kinds of routing, for which we could have built the proof of
     concept for 1-2 million (not large for such prototypes).  It took well
     over a year of meetings and briefings before we got a non-goahead.
     As far as we could tell, they had spent about 2-3 million in salaries
     studying it. I still think the concept is very viable.

>Nebulite wrote:
>>  Good luck for your second attempt!
>>  I will attempt my first RS Lab at Oct. 18 BeiJing.
>>  A new RS lab exam suite was been released at the end of August.
>>  Some of my freinds were failed at 2 weeks ago.
>>  ""Gibson George""  wrote in message
>>  news:200409100021.i8A0LWDA021169@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>>  First attempt at RTP and failed miserably. The one thing I must say
>>>  is a major reason why I failed is that The english was very poor and
>>>  requirments were very vauge.

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