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Re: Wireless Specializations [7:92618] posted 09/09/2004
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I took both exams a little over a year ago.  When I took the exams, I took
them back to back on the same day.  I came away thinking that they were
nearly identical exams.


""Kevin Wigle""  wrote in message
> Hi Group!
> I'm studying to complete both the FE and SE exams.
> I did the wireless spec when the tests were online - open book.
> At the time you didn't get a personal cert for them, it was just good for
> the company.(get premiere partner)
> I bought the Bosons for both exams and after going through them they are
> practically 99.9% the same question database.
> I notice on CCO that the training recommended for the SE and FE is the
> But there are 2 exams, 642-582 for the FE and 642-577 for the SE.
> Since I have CCNP/CCDP I will become a specialist in Wireless for both
> Design and Support.
> My question is...... It seems the only differentiation is the prereq -
> for Support and CCDA for Design.
> I am understanding this correctly?  If so - why 2 exams?? (if they are the
> same)
> Anybody took both exams and can comment?
> Can I book both exams back to back and get it over with?
> Kevin Wigle

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