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2950 reboots with mac-address-table [7:92547] posted 09/07/2004
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After blocking mac certain mac-addresses from all our switches, the 2950's
running 12.1(19)EA1a started rebooting at intermittent intervals.

Here is the command syntax we used:

mac-address-table static XXXX.XXXX.XXXX vlan 1 drop

Once the list of entries was removed, the switches quit crashing.

Couldn't turn up anything on Cisco's web site and the interpreter didn't
come up with anything known either with the crash dump.

We also have several 3550's and 3508's 12.1(19)EA1a and 12.0(5)WC9 that
didn't seem to have any problems.

Anyone seen this before?



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