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Re: Cisco GLBP [7:92472] posted 09/07/2004
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Wow, what a timely post!  I am looking into migrating from HSRP to
GLBP...anyone have war stories they can share?   Especially on 6500s with

""Jean-Francois Vaillancourt""  wrote in message
> At 03/09/2004, Patrick Greene wrote:
> >Is anybody using this yet in production?  I am considering it for a
> >Campus LAN design.
> Using in a few legacy vlans for a new deployment, a university campus
> customer. GLBP is running on Sup720's w 12.2.17dSXB. No major issues. I've
> also set it up for a more traditional deployment (all users through L2
> switches to a duo of 6509s w Sup720), on 12.2.18SXD, without notable
> JF
> #11874

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