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BGP ORF - Does it make sense - ?? [7:92523] posted 09/05/2004
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Hello, The BGP ORF example on 12.3 does not make sense in the Cisco Doc
CD guide:
I see the prefix list missing for the neighbor on Router A (as shown in
the example): I would have to add on Router A:# nei RouterB prefix-list
FILTER out and then specifiy the prefix-list that Router A would like to
receive the reqd. prefixes only from Router B. Could Cisco erroneously
have left this out? Before I hit the Brian's workbook, I was stumped as I
had no other resource to look this up. But after having done Lab 15 BGP,
I went back to look this up in the Doc CD and this is what I found....
Good Job - The Brians !!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone concur?? Sincerely.


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