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Re: Slightly OT: Network cabling requirements (legally) [7:90238] posted 06/28/2004
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I'd be a little leary of this approach if this project will eventually
involve an electrical inspection. If you do the work wrong (not using plenum
cable where required, for example), you could stop them from passing their
electrical inspection. I would prefer to have the cabling done by
professionals and then do the rest myself.


>>> James Willard 6/28/04 7:40:04 AM >>>
I have a slightly off topic question about the permit and certification
requirements for installing low-voltage (specifically cat[5-6]) cabling in
buildings. It's rather specific to the United States, I'm sure, and perhaps
even more specific to my state or county, but I'm wondering if there are
installers out there who could respond with their legal requirements to
install cable?
I ask because I have the opportunity to bid out a complete network install,
all the way from installing the jacks to setting up the small datacenter.
I can get all of the necessary permits and licenses, then I wouldn't need
contract out the physical cabling.

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