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Re: 3550, EMI or SMI? [7:89945] posted 06/21/2004
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Recent SMI code can also do Layer 3 protocols, and includes some
routing protocols, at least RIP(v2).  If you need OSPF or BGP, then
EMI is what you need.

CCIE lab could require OSPF and/or BGP routing at the 3550, so if
you'd like to be familiar with that, go for the EMI version.


On Mon, 21 Jun 2004 19:17:25 GMT, Annu Roopa  wrote:
> SMI is without routing only Layer 2 labs requiring only a switch
> function can be done.
> EMI is with Layer 3 capability..if its CCIE lab then this is the code.
> HTH.
> Annu
> kroww kroww  wrote:
> Hello all,
> I have very simple question that hopefully requires a brief answer: What
> the benefits of having an EMI instead SMI, and if you have a SMI would be
> sufficient to run labs? Thank you all in advance.
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> Thanks in advance for ur time and replies.
> Annu.
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