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Re: Little help on DDR [7:89791] posted 06/18/2004
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You need to configure a dialer load-threshold command to bring up
additional channels, check in

El vie, 18-06-2004 a las 04:28, tcom78 escribis:
> I'm having trouble understanding the relationship between DDR and B
> I'm using the default HDLC encapsulation and dialer string statements.  No
> dialer profiles, commands are right on the physical interface.  I'm trying
> to keep it simple and build up from there so I know this is not the best
> to do it.
> >From what I read, because I'm using dialer string statements both B
> are supposed to initiate in 2 different calls and allow only unidirectional
> traffic per B channel.  However, when I get my call established, it's only
> over the 1st B channel and the 2nd channel never kicks in.  I'm able to
> communicate both ways over the 1st B channel so communications is fine, I
> just don't understand why that 2nd guys isn't initiating as per my book
> (Caslow 2nd edition).
> Any feedback would help me out.  Thanks in advance!

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