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RE: Missing installed module&memory [7:89527] posted 06/12/2004
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Priscilla Oppenheimer wrote:
> cree 19 wrote:
> > 
> > I see... Xtra Money sounds about right tough... well any ideas
> > on what could cause this?
> When I look up your image in Feature Navigator, I see that you
> shouldn't have any problem running the c2600-is5-mz.123-6.bin
> image with 64/16.
> However it does call the image "IP PLUS W/O HD ANALOG/AIM."
> Don't you want to use analog for those FXS cards? Perhaps you
> have the wrong image. Cisco makes it hard to figure out what
> you need. There could be a bug too. Feature Navigator says this:
> "This image has software advisories associated with it.Click
> here for details." But when I click, it says I don't have
> authorization to see the advisory. Thank-you Cisco.
> Can you tell us more about how you upgraded the software? Could
> something have gone wrong with that??
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> the text intact. Someone just seeing this message won't know
> what we're talking about. If you do GroupStudy on the web, be
> sure to use the Quote button. Thanks.
> Priscilla

The image was a standard tftp image upgrade.. however there was some
problems as there was a port duplex mismatch during the upgrade... causing
this to go really slow.  Possibly even causing the image to be bad?

as for the Analog portion, the image being described as you mentioned is the
reason i chose it. (Analog/AIM)  I only have a regular analog telephone to
test with.


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