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RE: Interesting back-2-back FR SW Problem [7:89409] posted 06/09/2004
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Hi Almet,

You will need an ATM PVC on the Newbridge switch, and I hope that you have
taken care of the physical interfaces, i.e., if the Newbridge is really
providing ATM services, you might be requiring some ATM interfaces on the
routers (possible things are T1/E1 IMAs or new AIM interfaces) or
alternatively it could be providing FR services, and then you can just
configure your serial interfaces as FR interfaces and map a PVC between the
ports where your router interfaces are getting connected to the Newbridge



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Subject: Interesting back-2-back FR SW Problem [7:89409]

Hi everyone

I've a very interesting scenario that I'll like to share with you all.
This is the thing:
I've 2 PCs (PC1 and PC2) Both are connected to the Ethernet interface of
two 2501 routers. Both routers have their s0 interface connected to a
T1-Frame Relay interface of a Newbridge ATM Switch. What I need is to
provide a L2 path between the two PCs using Frame Relay. Now, the ATM
Switch expect to see a FR cloud so I put both routers doing FR
Switching, create a bridge group and add both the s0 and e0 interface to
that bridge group. If I connect the routers back to back without the ATM
SW the PCs can see each other, but not with the ATM SW in the middle.
Any suggestions?


Almet A. Cousins
Network Engineer
Engineering Department
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