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Confused with OSPF load balance concept [7:89341] posted 06/08/2004
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Load Balance means that OSPF will balance the load on the number of paths
automatically, anyways I have set on my lab six equal paths.
I did extended PING command with total of  1MB , the repeat count was 666
and the datagram size was 1500 Byte , (i.e. 666 * 1500 = near 1MB)

the Bandwidth I set was 64000Kbps, 

Time needed for the data to be transferred = Data Size / Bandwidth =
8000000/32000 = 250 seconds = 4.16 Minutes
the time this ping consumed to complete was exactly the same if only one
path were exist!

with the availability of Six paths , the time was 4.16 Minutes and with the
availability one path , the time was same (4.16 Minutes)

the only thing happened that the 1MB were balanced on the whole six paths
i.e.  0.2 MB was the input packets on each serial.

I thought that the transfer time will be 4.16 Minutes / Six paths which it
equal to 0.69 Minutes (41.6 Seconds)

why the time did not decrease when I set Six equal paths?

Thanks to every one

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