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Help Cisco 11503 Content Switch [7:89293] posted 06/06/2004
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Dear everyone at groupstudy,
My scenario is like I want to run two email servers, two web, ftp 
servers with fault tolerance and load balance, 
My all servers and switches are on Fiber Optic Gigabits network and 
I saw the picture of  Cisco 11503 Content Switch and found that 
there is no Fiber Optic Interface for servers. 
Does Cisco 11503 Content Switch come with FiberOptic 16 ports module 
like in Cat3550 switch we have GB RJ45 and GB FiberOptic modules, 
Cat3550 comes in both flavor so Can it possible to get Cisco 11503 
Content Switch with FiberOptic 16 ports Module?? then I would be 
able to attach my servers ????????? 
And also does it support layer 3-7 fault tolerance and load balance 
as the say in docs? 
I will reall appreciate in urgent reply
Networks Manager

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