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RE: CCNP Router Simulator [7:87616] posted 04/22/2004
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I have tried RouterSim and NetSim and have found them to be severely limited
in there functionality. Also, sims just haven't kept up with the changes in
the bsci exam topics like isis, ipv6 and bgp.

Personally, I prefer to use online rental racks. There is no simulator that
compares to working with real equipment. You can find online rental racks at
very very reasonable rates (some as low as $20 for 24 hrs - $80 for 5 days)
that are definitely equipped enough to get you through your ccnp. There are
even a couple of free racks out there. Although rack time on them can be
difficult to reserve for obvious reasons. New racks seem to be coming online
every week, so you shouldn't have trouble finding one that suits you needs.

If you insist on a sim then I would go with the new version of Boson over
RouterSim. No real funtional advantage, I just like the way the Boson gui is
laid out better.  My best advice for that is to download the trail versions
and see for yourself.



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