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PIX static [7:87393] posted 04/16/2004
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I think i just made a stupid mistake.

I am on a cable modem so I only get one public outside IP address which is
my interface address. That means my static statements are configured this

1) static (inside,outside) interface inside-host-ip

If I try static (inside,outside) outside-ip inside-host-ip, it doesn't work.

Now, I have plenty of static translations to my inside computer but I am
using ports 80, 21, etc. When I added in a blanket statement like no.1, it
said it conflicts with another static statement which I expected but didn't
expect to be totally cut off from the pix(i was logged on via SSH)

Now, cannot access or ping the device...can anybody figure out why? I would
be able to find out once I get home but curious to know what caused this.

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