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Re: Spanning-tree vs. Windows XP issue [7:87249] posted 04/15/2004
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John Neiberger wrote:

> To be honest, I would expect portfast to work but for some
> reason it
> doesn't. I don't know much about the applications they use but
> I believe the
> problematic one was PXE, or Preboot Execution Environment. It
> allows our LAN
> group to push out images to workstations that have no existing
> configuration. PXE uses DHCP to get addressing and server
> information and
> then somehow downloads a working image to the machine. With STP
> enabled--even with portfast turned on--this procedure wouldn't
> work. I'm
> guessing it's because PXE wants instantaneous network access as
> soon as the
> link comes up, and the short delay with portfast is still too
> long.
> John


Have you tried the "set port host" command?  This also disables trunking and
channelling which trims several seconds from the time it takes for the port
to go into a forwarding state.



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