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Suddenly receiving excessive runt packets across multiple [7:86876] posted 04/06/2004
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We suddenly starting experience network performance degradation and upon
further inspection there were numerous ports which were connected to
servers showing tons of runt packets.  The box is a 4507R with the
WS-X4548-GB-RJ45 48-port copper gig modules.  There are also a couple
24-port gig fiber blades too used to connect all the closet switches.
The fiber ports are not showing runts.  This is happening across
multiple modules.  This has been in production for months with no
issues.  TAC has already been notified and swapped out all the copper
blades but still no love.  We are running Version 12.1(20)EW1.  All
speed and duplex settings have been hard coded on the ports and servers,
all dot1q trunks verified.  I am at a loss.

We are doing captures on the ports to try and diagnose further.

Any ideas?



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