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RE: Watchguard Firewall Cert Exam [7:86817] posted 04/05/2004
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We have a watchguard firebox 1000 here at work. I took and passed the exam
about 8 months ago. For study, the best thing I found was just using the
watchguard system manager. Know that and become famaillar with all the
defaults, i.e; default max connections for smtp proxy, what all the stats
mean in status monitor,etc. The manual is only good for basic explanations
of stuff. I doubt it would help much on the test. Also, their website has a
lot of good docs fleshing out what the manual only breifly covers.
Unfortunately you need a live security support subscription to get on those
parts of the site.
Mostly, just look at the system manager if you have a WG running and become
very familliar with it. Its the bulk of the test I took. For the rest, just
memorize their terminology - PAT=dynamic nat, Port address forwarding=static
nat, NAT=1 to 1 nat. stuff like that. Between the online docs(called live
security editorials) and the software, you should be good. Hope this helps.
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Dear Experts,

Has anyone ever heard watchguard firewall?
They told me they were the pioneer of hardware-based (appliance) firewall. 
It is mostly being used for SMB market.

Anyway, my company is in the process of becoming WSP (Watchguard Secure
Partner), and like usual we need to be certified, one in technical and one
for sales. I get to be certified in technical, and I have had triple attempt
and i didnt make it. It was an online, 2 hour, 100 multiple choice exam, and
an open book exam and yet i still fail after the 3rd attempt.  I am so
ashame with this, even for ccie lab it only took me twice to pass the exam.

I have had a few days playing around with the box before, i have the manual
book, and i also have the demo (simulation) version of the configuration
software. I believe i almost pass on my last attempt, but it turns out i get
less than the passing score which is 80 % (They didnt let me know my result)

I know i didnt take this exam seriously since its free and its an open book
exam, but my question is has anyone taken and pass this exam? i just want to
know what are the materials being used to pass this exam? if anyone has done
this, please share it with me.

One thing for sure, i will not give up and i will pass this exam, and this
is a reminder for me that i still have to learn a lot of things.

Thanks in advance.


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