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Re: FW: FW: Telecommunications vs internetworking [7:86571] posted 03/31/2004
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"Messel, David S (David)" wrote:
> I've watched while setting in a hospital bed nurses getting totally
> disgusted with a Cisco phone system. In the nurses own words it hasn't
> worked a single day right since it was installed.

 I think Cisco bought a company called Chunkashita to get that
technology ... you get no argument from me on that one.

> As far as people go I just fought a battle with a CCIE who put data and
> voice apps in the same priority queue which does not work and is not

   I help CCIEs with hard stuff some times, too. Maybe I should stop
dinking around with my incremental approach and just go take the silly

> I can't speak to your individual arguments below; because I was not there.
> do know that Avaya offers very good VOIP and legacy voice applications.

  No argument here on this.

> Now time to get back to my real job; one little stab I can't resist is yeah
> cisco has consistent interfaces, cat, native, oh and the MS interface to
> Call Manager or is that now moving to Linux following suit behind Avaya :)

  CatOS is pretty much officially retired and everything you can buy
today runs IOS. I'll agree that this was long, long, long overdue on
Cisco's part.

  Call Manager contains Wintendo and I refuse to touch it, so I have no
direct experience in that area :-)

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