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RE: Qos Beginner [7:86262] posted 03/24/2004
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At 09:47 AM 3/24/2004, Creighton, Bill wrote:
>One of the hardest parts is researching your traffic patterns -
>If you are considering implementing QoS there must be a reason (other than
>"it's QeWL" - Peter) because you'll need to determine what is being
>segregated - what traffic is going to be assigned which priority and how
>much bandwidth is going to be assigned to it...

Personally, I find little compelling reason to deploy QoS in most 
networks.  Switches may be an exception due to the small buffer space they 
have however.  Even in that case, I'd stick to very simple models.  QoS 
often causes more harm then it does good as it can add a lot of complexity, 
and thereby opex cost, without solving any particular issues that were 
naturally occuring.

>Not the most difficult, but certainly the most time consuming...
>my $.02
>Bill Creighton CCNP
>Digital Operations Field Engineer
>Scientific Atlanta
>SciCare Broadband Services
>"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and
>leave a trail." Ralph Waldo Emerson
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>Subject: Qos Beginner [7:86262]
>Hello all,
>I am thinking of implementing qos in my network.
>(I will probably start at a relatively isolated layer-3 switched network,
>and then expand it over the entire network over WAN.)
>I have been searching the internet for qos-related documents,
>but did not find one that really worked for me, except maybe the below that
>I am reading now.
>Can anybody recommend other document that
>expalin qos and how to configure it effectively and simply?
>Or maybe even suggest how I should approach configuring qos in general?
>Many thanks in advance.
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