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Re: Cross or straight through [7:85929] posted 03/17/2004
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> No, it's not a stupid question. I've wondered the same thing! I think
> all fiber patch cables are crossover cables.

    You think well. We have quite a lot of fiber going around and all of
them are "crossover". As a matter of fact, some cable manufacturers don't
take this into account and more than once I needed to break SC to make the
cable crossover.

    If you take a look at the fiber GBIC, you'll clearly notice that "left"
connector is RX, while the right is TX. To connect two GBIC's, you need
cable from TX to RX :-)


P.S. The fact that we have a lot of fiber does not change the fact that
sometimes we wish to connect two switches using copper. Anyone at Cisco ever
heard of EtherChannel? ;-)

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