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T1 vpn load balancing [7:85935] posted 03/16/2004
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Hello everyone!

We have a hub and spoke network set up between our head quarters and our 5
branch offices. We are running vpn tunnels between our state offices and our

Each branch has a T1 and they are all feeding in to the T1 that we have at
our HQ. We've begun adding more bandwidth intensive applications to our
network and it looks like we're going to need some more bandwidth (not to
mention a little more redundancy)

I've managed to talk people in to getting redundant T1's at the branch
offices. Now we're looking at getting another T1 here at the headquarters.

My question:

I was thinking of setting up half the vpn tunnels on one router and the
other half on the second router in an effort to load balance the two T1's.

If one of the routers went down, is there any way that I can have the other
router take over for all of the vpn tunnels?

Does anyone have a better idea for how I could go about setting this up?


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