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OT: Remote Access [7:85753] posted 03/12/2004
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Apologies for the off-topic question, but can anyone suggest a good remote
access/remote desktop solution where two or more sites are behind NATed
routers, connecting over the Internet?
The routers are not always Cisco, but ports can be allowed (punched) through
Sorry to post to this forum, but I have been up all night trying to get XP
remote desktop to talk to a Win 2003 server, or even IM ask for remote
assistance to work.
I have looked at UPnP, but can it work with multiple workstations on the
same LAN.
Years ago I followed the 'NAT is Evil' threads on NANOG and the IETF lists
and I agreed. I cannot agree more now! 
Have a good weekend.

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