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Re: Clocking [7:85691] posted 03/11/2004
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Priscilla Oppenheimer wrote:

> Why would the clocking on the frame-relay circuit to the processing
> have anything to do with the clocking on the T1s to the branch offices?
> Maybe I'm not understanding your configuration correctly. Are they all
> the same interface or something?
> Clocking is a per-circuit configuration. So the fact that the Frame Relay
> circuit is going away shouldn't have any effect on the T1s and shouldn't
> tempt you to change their configs in my opinion. If it ain't broke, don't
> fix it.
> It is odd that you are doing internal clocking at the 3640 central
> What are these "private T1s?" Usually the provider provides clocking, eh?

   When connected to a frame switch, DCE device, you clock off the line 
since the switch provides clock.   On every dedicated T1 I have ever 
worked on one router provides clock the other clocks off the line, the 
provider doesn't clock dedicated T1's. Not in Oregon for sure :)

> Priscilla
> Adam Frederick wrote:
>>Scenario: Centralized headquarters with 4 branch locations.  At
>>location, a 3640 is in place with private T1's to each location
>>using PPP
>>encap and a frame-relay line to a processing building.  The
>>line is set as clock source line and all the other T1's are
>>internal on
>>the 3640 core router.  Each of the branch routers is configured
>>w/ clock
>>source line.  Now, here comes in the intro to the problem.  The
>>processing building is no longer needed and the frame-relay
>>line must go
>>away.  Leave clocking setup as is or does there need to be
>>There will be no line in the core that's set to clock source
>>line, only
>>clock source internal.  Another router will be put in place
>>that has a
>>Frame connection on it, but I have no access to this router,
>>it's a
>>partner companies.  Please advise. Thanks! A....
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