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RE: Clocking [7:85691] posted 03/11/2004
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Why would the clocking on the frame-relay circuit to the processing building
have anything to do with the clocking on the T1s to the branch offices?
Maybe I'm not understanding your configuration correctly. Are they all using
the same interface or something?

Clocking is a per-circuit configuration. So the fact that the Frame Relay
circuit is going away shouldn't have any effect on the T1s and shouldn't
tempt you to change their configs in my opinion. If it ain't broke, don't
fix it.

It is odd that you are doing internal clocking at the 3640 central location.
What are these "private T1s?" Usually the provider provides clocking, eh?


Adam Frederick wrote:
> Scenario: Centralized headquarters with 4 branch locations.  At
> central
> location, a 3640 is in place with private T1's to each location
> using PPP
> encap and a frame-relay line to a processing building.  The
> frame-relay
> line is set as clock source line and all the other T1's are
> internal on
> the 3640 core router.  Each of the branch routers is configured
> w/ clock
> source line.  Now, here comes in the intro to the problem.  The
> processing building is no longer needed and the frame-relay
> line must go
> away.  Leave clocking setup as is or does there need to be
> changes?
> There will be no line in the core that's set to clock source
> line, only
> clock source internal.  Another router will be put in place
> that has a
> Frame connection on it, but I have no access to this router,
> it's a
> partner companies.  Please advise. Thanks! A....
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