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OT::: for those of us that use a sniffer every day.... [7:85293] posted 03/02/2004
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taken from    /.

while it looks cool and 'up-coming', I'm thinking t/s this would be a bear.

 How it works

	Typically, communication among devices or services is structured into
of protocols. Agreement on all layers is required before the devices and 
services are built. Developing and gaining acceptance of these agreements is 
a long, costly process that depends on broad industry consensus.
The Obje Interoperability Platform builds upon other industry standards. For 
example, it can run on top of any mobile code mechanism, such as Jini.

Instead of working out all agreements in advance, The Obje platform
a few very general agreements in the form of domain-independent programmatic 
"meta-interfaces". These meta-interfaces use mobile code to allow new 
agreements to be put in place at run-time, enabling devices and services to 
dynamically extend the capabilities of their clients.

The Obje meta-interfaces reduce the number of agreements that must be made 
between communicating entities. All Obje devices or services, which are 
called bcomponents,b implement and make use of one or more of these 

The idea sounds awfully familiar, and I've sucessfully purged any DEC
info from my brain to remember if it was DEC that had something similar. [Go 

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