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Migrating CatOS to Switch IOS [7:85292] posted 03/02/2004
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As far as I can tell from CCO, the only semiautomatic migration 
requires a Cat6500 with Supervisor 720. Has anyone seen 
documentation, or know if there is a procedure, for other platforms 
(e.g., 4000, 3550, 2950)?

It puzzles me a bit that migration is a specific objective on the 
current Switching exam, but apparently it is only available on the 
top-of-the-line switch, which isn't in the CCIE lab.  I usually 
assume that other than perhaps level of difficulty, a question on the 
CCNP level objectives is generally compatible with the CCIE written 
at least, and possibly a written-only version of the lab concepts.

Again, it seems logical to me that there should be other migration 
methods/documentation, but it just comes up for the one platform.

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