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RE: OT -{existentialism} What has more value CCNP [7:81270] posted 02/24/2004
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Zsombor Papp wrote:
> nrf wrote:
> "it is quite difficult to be hired at Cisco without a degree"
> How do you know this?
> Thanks,
> Zsombor

Here's something I ran into the other day.

So I see that Cisco is recruiting at various college campuses around the
world.  But Cisco is not recruiting within the CCIE community.  Why not? 
It'd be easy to do so.  Cisco has all the contact info of all the CCIE's in
the world within its database.  So if the college degree really is so
worthless vis-a-vis the CCIE, and obviously the one place in the world where
it is more crucial to understand how to use Cisco gear than any other place
in the world is at Cisco itself, then why is Cisco spending all the time and
effort to visit all these college campuses throughout the world?  Whenever a
new tech-job opens up at Cisco, why doesn't Cisco just call a bunch of
random CCIE's and invite them in for an interview?   Is Cisco being stupid?

{And of course, as stated previously by Fred Smith, if Cisco is stupid, and
you choose to build your network with Cisco gear, then what does that make

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