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Bridging [7:84637] posted 02/19/2004
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I have a situation where I have to bridge a network because of the broadcast
only traffic on the network. This isn't the problem, the problem arises when
I need it incorporate other networks into the different site and they need
to talk to one another (routing). I know all about CRB and IRB and how
convoluted it can get. I am going to attempt to explain network in factual
statements and then provide you with assumptions that I need to find the
answers to (or to do a sanity check on). Thanks for your help!!
I have 7 sites connected by T1's in a bridge. All connected serial and
Ethernet are in bridge group 1. Here is the topology and networks at each
location. Network is the common bridged net.
Site 1 - Hub
Site 2 - Spoke from Site 1,
Site 3 - Spoke from Site 1,
Site 4 - Spoke from Site 1,
Site 5 - Spoke from Site 1
Site 6 - Spoke from Site 1
Site 7 - Spoke from Site 1
Site 8 - Spoke from Site 7
All the serial and Ethernet interfaces do not IP addresses.
OK, now that you know the topology, I am going to make some sanity check
statements followed by some assumptions.
1. If all routers have a Lo0 interface I can telnet into that.
2. Any host on the network can get to any other host on the
network at any site.
3. How does a host on the network get to the, and network?
4. How does a host form the, and network get to the, and network? Probably same as above.
I have tried IRB and BVI's and they don't seem to work. I did this in June
03 and can't remember what I did but it was simple (1 or 2 commands). I do
remember that when the remote host computers tried to reach a dissimilar IP
that I had to use the gateway for that network to reach that computer.
Any help would be appreciated.

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