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RE: It works well, but why? [7:84373] posted 02/13/2004
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You're doing Proxy ARP with that command. When Router A tries to find Router
B, the PIX replies on behalf of Router B with its own address. Router A can
send to that address and it works.

But why do it this way?

The PIX can run RIP normally, can't it?


avran wrote:
> routera-------(in)pix(out)---------routerb
> PIX cannot collect and send out routing updates
> Using RIP, however you can unicast the updates
> the needed commands are as follows
> router rip
>    no validate-update-source
>    neighbor x.x.x.x (routerb's network/interface)
> arp x.x.x.x  y.y.y arpa (y.y.y is the mac address of the inside
> interface of
> the pix)
> on the PIX
> allow the rip to go through (520)
> Question?
> What is the purpose of the arp command in this case (please
> note that the ip
> address of the routerb interface is arped to the mac address of
> the pix
> inside interface)?

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