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Re: Juniper buys Netscreen [7:84092] posted 02/11/2004
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Juniper picking up Netscreen is a brilliant move, simply from the point 
that now Juniper can say "we can sell you this ginormous router, AND the 
security solution to go with it, AND the design/install services for 
both, AND we can guarantee that it will work, because we make both of 
them". It's the same reason there are so many Cisco shops - when you 
have one vendor, and there's a problem, it's a lot easier to call up 
that vendor for a response, and a lot harder for them to point the blame 
for the problem elsewhere ("Oh, well, we can't be sure that the switch 
isn't causing the problem, etc"). Also, I could see Juniper buying up 
Extreme to try and compete with Cisco in the SMB/Enterprise market, but 
why? Juniper's forte until now has been the carrier-grade market; 
Netscreen's chassis firewall/IDP products dovetail *perfectly* with 
Juniper's market segment. Plus, NS just bought Neoteris, which allows 
Juniscreen to make a big play in the high-density VPN market that 
appears to be coming (VPN via SSL tunnel). Whatever happens, I'd 
strongly suggest some diversity in the experience arena, as I'm pretty 
sure the market is about to get a *lot* more interesting.

Additionally, I could possibly see Juniper trying to pick up Extreme in 
the mid-term future (<1 year) but not likely. Cisco wouldn't pick up 
Extreme, for the simple fact that Cisco has an established switching 
product line, and it would be seen as a dilution of their product strength.

(Also, incidentally, Sam Halabi of Internet Routing Architecture fame 
now works at Extreme. Just another tidbit of trivia.)


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