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Re: CallManager on Linux? [7:81401] posted 12/29/2003
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At 7:58 AM +0000 12/29/03, "Chuck Whose Road is Ever Shorte wrote:
>""Tom Scott""  wrote in message
>>  "Chuck Whose Road is Ever Shorte wrote:
>>  > ""Brad Ellis""  wrote in message
>>  > news:200312262242.hBQMgpAd020940@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>  >
>>  >>Rumor has it that Call Mangler 5.x will be on the linux platform. 
>>  >>it's more than a rumor, but that's all I can say for now.  :)
>>  >
>>  > interesting - should lead to another bonanza for the training companies
>>  > people who sell upgrades and services. All you MCSE's otta be planning
>>  > next round of certifications ;->
>>  >
>>  > thinking about the perfect product - costs a dime, sell for a dollar,
>>  is
>>  > habit forming.
>>  That's certainly a valid perspective. There must be some truth in it. No
>>  doubt there will be lots of time and money spent on recertifications as
>>  programmers and administrators move from Windows to Linux. But can you
>>  imagine that there may have been other reasons for Cisco's decision? I'll
>>  look for official statements. If you find any, please post. Who knows,
>>  Chambers, Kelly etal will confirm what you say, that they did it mainly
>>  generate profits from recerts. Mmaybe they'll indicate that their reasons
>>  were similar to IBM's and Sun's: the future is linux. I'm betting on the
>>  latter but I'm open to evidence to the contrary. Plz post references if
>>  you have them.

I've always been dubious that someone at the level of Chambers really 
looks at the cert/recert business as a significant source of revenue. 
There's no question that the training departments try to present 
themselves to upper management as a profit rather than a cost center, 
but, from everyone at a senior level I've met in Cisco, training and 
certification are simply tools to sell hardware.

>my own wild ass guess is the licensing issue. Micro$oft licensing is
>expe$ive! which in turn effects cost of licensing for AVVID users, phones,
>voice mail, etc. I'm sure Cisco will reduce the cost of it's user licenses
>substantially, were they to move to an open source platform  ;->

Another reason may be efforts to sell AVVID to carriers. At least one 
national carrier, and several local ones, have fixed language in 
their requests for proposal: any offerings that have mission-critical 
software which runs on Microsoft software will autoaatically be 
considered nonresponsive.

There is a long telephone industry history with UNIXen, including 
hardened UNIX. Traditional switch generics (the telephony term for 
the switch software) run on UNIX, most operations support systems run 
on UNIX, and they already have a body of people who can administer 
UNIX and keep it reliable.

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