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Re: Cisco Pix 506E and Vlans [7:81502] posted 12/27/2003
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Hello all,

Can someone tell me if the Cisco Pix 506E support Vlans?  I see on the Cisco
web site that with software version 6.3 vlans are supported on only Pix 515
and up.  I don't understand if you have 10/100 ports why it cannot support
multiple vlans.  The only thing I could think of is that it has to do with
the asic.   Any information is greatly appreciated.  I am suddenly into my
first design and installation gig and with less than a days notice.  The
current equipment is a Cisco Pix 506E, even though I asked them to get a
515E, and a HP Procurve Switch.  The want two subnets going into the switch
for security but do not want to purchase a router.  The switch supports
vlans and Multi-addressing the vlan.  My problem is that security between
the subnets is blown with the Multi-addressed vlan and the Pix interface
cannot be configured for Tagging.   Uhhhh.  Sorry for the rambling, too much





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