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Re: What has more value CCNP w/Degree or CCIE? [7:80698] posted 12/14/2003
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nrf wrote:
> ""nettable_walker""  wrote in
> message
> news:200312140106.hBE16SZw018604@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> > my base salary w/ CCNP + Business degree  =  $75,000
> >
> > passed CCIE R/S lab 10/15/2003
> >
> > New base salary = $ 115,000
> Well, I don't know if this analysis is amenable to anecdotal
> evidence.  I'm
> sure we can all come up with a few isolated data points to
> support whatever
> viewpoint we want to support.

That's the main reason this discussion always goes on forever whenever it
comes up. Everyone wants to tell their story. But individual stories won't
provide a general answer to the question of which is better, degrees or


> For example, I can think of 4-5 of my colleagues:
> pre-MBA - annual comp's of about $60-90,000
> Each finished their MBA last year
> new comp's for this year (which, by the way, was not a
> particularly good
> year, economically) for each of them - $250,000 at the very
> minimum, some of
> them easily exceeding $300,000
> comp's for next year for each of them - at least around $350,000
> comp's for each of them in 5 years - at least half-million
> Now does that mean that everybody who gets their MBA's are
> going to enjoy
> those kinds of financial rewards?  Obviously not.  First of
> all, it clearly
> depends on which B-school you're talking about.  I don't think
> it's
> necessary to name the particular schools in question, but
> suffice it to say
> that they're all rather well-known.  Secondly, it depends on
> what kind of
> career you pursue.  Again, I don't think it necessary for me to
> name the
> careers they are pursuing but let's just say that those careers
> are well
> known for paying well.  Thirdly, and finally, it depends on the
> particular
> personal temperaments of each individual.  I can safely say
> that most people
> in the world do not have the personalities to hold the
> positions that these
> people now hold.
> My point is simple.  You can't generalize based on individual
> data points.
> You can't generalize based on personal anecdote.  You need to
> look at all
> the data for all the individuals involved and then make
> judgments based on
> statistical analyses.  Just because one guy, or a few guys,
> experienced
> something doesn't mean that you will too.

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