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RE: OT - my my, how things have changed [7:80821] posted 12/13/2003
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you wrote:

The question of whether a cert or a degree is "better" has been
asked  in various forms and permutations in this newsgroup for years.  I
seem to remember that only a few years ago this question was a subject
furious debate, with each side having its fair share of proponents, and
certs having a large and vocal share of champions.  Now I see that there
a near-consensus that the degree is "better",  by a ratio of almost
Things have definitely changed.

= = = 

Yes, your observation is spot on. Instead of jobs being handed out to
anyone that could spell Cisco ( days) the HR folks nowadays have
a long shopping list of requirements for their resume scan. The current
list often includes a 4-year technical degree along with numerous

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