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RE: TFTP Server [7:76444] posted 09/30/2003
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Here is what I did so far.
I was able to get a crossover cable (it's a flat black cable).
I've configured the router's ethernet 0 to 
ip address
and I was about to configure the PC to 
ip address

However, I have not figured out how to setup an IP address on the PC yet. I
am not familiar with the XP box. Could you tell me more about it?  By the
way I did try to configure an IP address from the New Connection Wizard. But
whenever I try to use an Advanced connection setting, the computer would
freeze. Do I need to set up an IP address to a computer or a TFTP program?
There must be an easier way to upgrade from a PC to a router. Which TFTP
program would be good choice for upgrading an IOS?

Thank you

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