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3550 CPU OVERLOAD 80% [7:76304] posted 09/27/2003
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hello all,

started to get this msgs a few days ago. there have been no changes to the
config. I am not too worried about them since they go away when the CPU is
freed up and returns to 10-20% but I would like to take the time to learn
something about the switch

A sh proc cpu revealed IP Input (obviously) as the main culprit but a few
other processes were using CPU time as well. ( More than I think would be

SNMP Engine 4- 7 %
IP SNMP 3-5 %
Pool Manager 2-3 %
VUR_MGR bg proc 3-4 %

I am not sure waht these are and have been hunting around CCO without much
luck. Can someone give me a steer in the right direction as to what these
are and if the levels are egregiously high level. Particularly, I haven't
had any luck on VUR_MGR and the difference between SNMP Engine and IP SNMP.


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