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route call from a GK to an unregistered GW [7:76085] posted 09/24/2003
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Hi all

I want to send a call to a Gateway which is not registered in my
I set my gatekeeper as follows :

 zone local gk-1
 alias static 1720 gkid gk-1 gateway voip ras
 gw-type-prefix 2121* gw ipaddr 1720

but the call is rejected

Does anybody have any idea what's wrong?


#debug gatekeeper main 10

5d23h: gk_dns_locate_gk(): No Name servers
5d23h: rassrv_get_addrinfo(212101133452253): Matched tech-prefix 2121
5d23h: rassrv_get_addrinfo(212101133452253): unresolved zone prefix
5d23h: gk_rassrv_sep_arq(): rassrv_get_addrinfo() failed (return code =


#show dial-peer voice 21210 voip
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