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Re: Priscilla - DLCI all MANUAL mapping ???? [7:76005] posted 09/23/2003
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At 4:51 PM +0000 9/23/03, Steven Aiello wrote:
>So does that mean if there are 20 frame switches in the network that
>someone will have to enter the map through the network on every switch
>by hand?

Think static rather than true manual.

>Holy goodness batman thats alot of configuration....

Yes, but you also need to put that in the context that telcos do that 
sort of thing every day for POTS.  They have MASSIVE automated static 
configuration tools (the telco term being provisioning). SS7 is 
sometimes likened to a routing protocol, but it's more like a path 
setup protocol.

>Do I have that right?
>Is Frame Relay really that much faster than IP routing, to where it
>would pay to do this?

Again, think history and who is running it.  Frame relay uses a 
connection-oriented model familiar to lots of telephone technicians 
who don't understand routing. You're dealing with a huge legacy base.


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