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RE: Two Good questions here [7:75894] posted 09/22/2003
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> 1. On the Cisco 6509, when you issue the 'sh module' command 
> you may see
> port module 15 appearing in the list of mosules - (and even a mod 16
> sometimes)
In the 65 series there are chassis with 13 slots - the 6513. So you have
1-13 for normal full-size modules and 14 and up for other modules
(usually plugging directly into the supervisor). I remember that the 75
series appeared to have something in slot 31 (from show diag) even
though the biggest chassis is 13 slots. And it apeared to be slot 31
even on the 3 slot chassis. :)

> 2. Second question
> I am getting a bit 'weirded out' over Native IOS and HYBRID 
> Cisco operating systems.
Native IOS vs. Hybrid

Hybrid is 2 operating systems - CatOS on the Supervisor/PFC and IOS on
the MSFC. They are completely independant and you configure the MSFC as
a router with an Ethernet port connected to a switch. You configure the
switch using CatOS CLI.

Native IOS has one IOS CLI and only one configuration for the whole
switch. Rumors say that the Supervisor/PFC part runs a CatOS kernel with
an IOS shell and  that the PFC and MSFC OSes communicate using some IPC
mechanism. The internals are hidden from you. You just configure one
IOS, that's all.

Boyan Krosnov, CCIE#8701
just another techie speaking for himself

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