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RE: Snapshot routing and Eigrp - ? [7:75696] posted 09/18/2003
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Cisco Nuts wrote:
> Hello,Does Snapshot routing work for Eigrp? I read somewhere it
> does not.
> I tried it on my routers and it did not. I had to use a
> dialer-list
> denying Eigrp and floating static routes to get DDR to work as
> a backup
> for Eigrp in a hub and spoke FR topology.Now I have seen
> examples of rip
> with snapshot routing but have not seen any with Eigrp,
> anywhere!!  Is
> there a link on CCO where this might be?Thank you.Sincerely.

You don't need snapshot routing with EIGRP because it doesn't send periodic
route updates. It only sends upon changes. Snapshot routing tells a router
to just keep its list of distance vectors from the last update. EIGRP
already does that.

However, that doesn't mean that EIGRP is silent. To get it to not keep the
DDR link up, you're going to have to deal with the fact that it sends a
multicast hello to its neighbors every 10 seconds.

I think your approach is the best approach. Did you already find this great
paper by Cisco TAC:

"Sample Configuration: Using Floating Static Routes and Dial-on-Demand


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