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RE: 2nd `time-rs' around - CCIE Lab?? [7:75389] posted 09/14/2003
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I took the lab the first time in March and then again in September and
passed.  I focused on my weak subjects like voice, multicast, QOS, and
IOS/IP features.  Then a couple weeks before my lab I went through some
multiprotocol labs to get my speed and understanding of the core subjects
back up to par.  At the same time I spent 2 hours every day going over the
DOC CD.  Not reading everything per se but skimming through the CD and
knowing where each technology was.  DOC CD was crucial part of me passing. 
I didn't know the last half of my lab and I used the DOC CD to answer all of
the questions.  The DOC CD saved me and shows what a powerful tool it can
be.  Still you can't just rely on the DOC CD.  I recommend working pretty
quick on the first half of your lab by completing the Frame-relay, 3550, IGP
and EGP as quick (while being correct) as you can.  You should be able to
finish the core stuff by or a little after lunch.  That will give you the
rest of the time to configure the other stuff and double/triple check your
work.  If you can take your lab multiple times before your written expires I
would suggest you do.

Good luck,

Raymond Gan
CCIE #12195

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