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RE: Please Help - CIDR - How the bits work [7:75050] posted 09/10/2003
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I was more referring to "core" ISP routers than edge (and I've certainly
never worked for an ISP before, so I'm going on my experience and knowledge
of routing protocols to surmise [guess] at what would be reasonable or not).
If you have ISP engineers configuring the "ISP" router that is at the
customer premise, then yes I would concede that there are probably a lot of
default static routes, if not being the majority.

As far as non-default static routes with different AD's, then I would
certainly agree with you.  I've used them myself extensively in multiple
customer WAN configurations.

Fred Reimer - CCNA

Eclipsys Corporation, 200 Ashford Center North, Atlanta, GA 30338
Phone: 404-847-5177  Cell: 770-490-3071  Pager: 888-260-2050

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At 11:34 AM -0400 9/10/03, Reimer, Fred wrote:
>Yes, but the CCIE labs are supposed to be for ISP level engineers, who
>almost certainly won't be using default routes most of the time.  It should
>be assumed that by the time you get to the CCIE level you have much
>experience in default routing.

First, ISP level engineers are going to configure default routes for 
customers, and, indeed, there often are default routes in POPs, or in 
smaller ISPs.

Second, the combination of static default routes with multiple 
administrative distances can get quite complex.

Third, I am more bothered by the lack of static routes than defaults. 
Complex static routes, with alternatives, are common for traffic 
engineering. Blackhole static routes are extensively used.
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