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Re: Studying Switching [7:75030] posted 09/09/2003
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Didn't Radia write a poem that starts something like
"I have never seen a tree as lovely as a spanning tree?"

BTW, is it still possible to get a "free" copy of 802.1s & w.
I looked on the IEEE site but couldn't find them.

Prof. Tom Lisa, CCAI
Community College of Southern Nevada
Cisco ATC/Regional Networking Academy
"Cunctando restituit rem"

Priscilla Oppenheimer wrote:

  Get a copy of Cisco LAN Switching by Kennedy Clark and Kevin
  Hamilton. It's
  right up there with Doyle as one of the best networking books ever
  It makes switching fun again! ;-) It's well written, technicaly
  accurate and
  interesting, and it doesn't just throw the latest marketing trends at
  with no explanation of their history, like some switching material

  Also, CertificationZone has some good articles and study materials

  By the way, switching isn't as dull as it might seem. The spanning
  algorithm can be quite interesting to study. And there are
  enhancements to
  it now like 802.1s (multiple spanning trees) and 802.1w (rapid
  spanning tree

  Good luck!

  Priscilla Oppenheimer

  Nakul Malik wrote:
  > Hi all,
  > I started off studying routing and found it to be a topic that
  > interested me
  > a lot. I just couldn't get enough of halabi Doyle and the rest.
  > I studied a
  > lot, practiced a lot and was thrilled when I passed the exam in
  > beta.
  > Next I started studying for switching. That didn't turn out as
  > well as I
  > thought it would. I couldn't just work up the same level of
  > interest. I have
  > been analyzing the reasons and have come up with the following:
  > 1. I've never worked with switches much, so I don't know too
  > much about
  > them, as opposed to routers.
  > 2. Study materials.
  > I've been wondering, has anyone else faced similar problems in
  > their quest
  > for CCNP.
  > Also, could someone recommend some good materials/resources for
  > switching
  > other than the official Cisco book?
  > Any/all answers would be appreciated.
  > Thanks.
  > -N
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  > Nakul Malik
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  > New Rajendra Nagar
  > New Delhi - 110060
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