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Re: Hyper Terminal - 2500 [7:75065] posted 09/09/2003
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If you have flow control turned on, turn it off. What are your other
terminal settings? For the 2500 series I believe you should be set to 9600,
8-bit, No parity, 1 stop bit. Some Cisco devices request that you use two
stop bits so you might try that as well, but my guess is that it's a flow
control problem.


>>> Johan Bornman 9/9/03 9:19:56 AM >>>
I don't get any response when configuring a 2500 series router (no key
strokes) through Hyper Terminal, 3 2500's doing the same thing. When I
restart the router by resetting it I can see the boot process fine. Any

Thanks in advance.

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