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RE: Stuck on Subinterfaces - HELP! [7:74854] posted 09/05/2003
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Thanks for the detailed description Guy.  That helps quite a bit.  I think
maybe the Book just assumes that when you see IP's on Serial Subinterfaces,
you will understand that Frame Relay Encapsulation was set up on them ahead
of time and just skips ahead to the OSPF, IS-IS configurations.  So I
skipped ahead yesterday to the Remote Access Book and learned all about
Frame Relay Networks.

Another question then:  When you say "Frame Relay running Back to Back",
does this mean that I could set up Frame Relay Point-to-Point Encapsulation
between Serial Subinterfaces on 2 Routers directly without a Frame Relay
Switch or Network in the middle?  If so this may be what is shown in the
Labs in the Book.  Thanks Again.


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